It May Be Cold But Toerings Are Hot

The weather has turned nasty over here in Lincolnshire with snow, frost and loads of white stuff, really.  But one thing that isn’t slowing down is the sale of toe rings from our website.

Strange really.  Or is it?  I mean, it’s the middle of winter and everyone is going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark and you feel…not as happy as if you were in the Caribbean, walking down the beach with a pretty toe ring sparkling on your toes.

So perhaps people are either taking advantage of our great prices and buying the toerings for use later in the year or maybe they are going on a well deserved holiday in a short while to get away from the winter blues.

Either way, we are seeing a lot of these pieces going out the doors and, certainly, not as many as if it was summer but enough to make us think that people are enjoying themselves and not just wrapping up in big, thick clothes.

I miss summer!