Has Xmas Seriously Flown By?

I must say i can’t accept is as true. It has not been too long ago when it was september and I was thinking to myself “Just a few months to go until Christmas”. Now it’s here i can not get my head around just how quickly it’s been. The odd thing is we have now completed the Christmas rush…there is other rushes approaching. There’s Valentines day in February (shouldn’t forget that one!) and mothers day (which proves popular with kids getting their mum an attractive bit of cheap silver jewellery). What we are inclined to do is starting from the new year, we place on a very large amount of jewellery onto the website to give an uptodate collection of sterling silver jewellery from which to choose so think of us…busy clicking away on our keyboards adding new pieces up. Any recommendations on what you would like included…let us know and we’ll do our best.