New Brooches Put Into Amber Zone

Hello and we’ve just added the latest set of amber brooches to AmberZone yesterday.

You’ll find an added 6 brooches (pins) in total and as in the brooches on the website, they are all set in sterling silver and all have cognac amber and one has some green amber also.

As you have seen from the image, you will find there’s ornate brooch in addition to a musical brooch, a flowers brooch, a silver flower brooch, another butterfly brooch (this has green amber in addition to cognac) and also a silver brooch.…

How to handle it When Necklaces Are not The Right Length?

I made a necklace for a friend of mine. Great, it was – sterling silver and with tiny flowers on it (they appeared like daisies but thats all in the eye of the beholder). Ash desired a 16 ” chain and that is what I made and she was pleased. The other day, however, she asked me about it and said that she would like the chain to be just a little longer.

Sure, I said. I could extend the chain to make the daisies drop down somewhat if she wore it and she was OK with that.…

Happy Birthday Lovely Little Chloe

A short while ago it was the birthday bash of my little niece, Chloe. Shes a lovely little lady – 6 yrs old and she understands everything! Shes presently in the girlie phase, if you know what I mean. Everything should be pink; dresses, footwear, head band, bag (so she is like mom!) and she actually is as cute as a button.

She had a birthday bash that was a wild celebration. There were about 30 or so other 6 year olds and the quantity of vitality they had was astounding.…

Jewelry Making Fundamentals – What exactly is a Lobster Claw Clasp?

Folks who works with jewelry supplies and beading assignments may possibly forget about that not everybody knows all the terminology of jewellery producing components. Learning the terms of jewellery producing supplies allows you to convey your wants for jewellery components to your local bead retailer, your jewellery designer or your jewelry supply source.

Hand crafted artisan jewelry, mass-market costume jewelry and fine jewellery often uses lobster claw clasps to fasten jewelry and also to enhance jewelry overall look.

Exactly what is a lobster claw clasp?…