Another Of Our Blogs Opened - All Amber Jewellery

Another Of Our Blogs Opened – All Amber Jewellery

I really do love certain materials that jewellery is made out of and one of those materials is Amber. Amber jewellery just has a certain feel about it and it almost radiates warmth as well as looking beautiful set in a nice piece of sterling silver.

With this in mind, we have decided to put together a new blog which is completely dedicated to pieces of Amber jewellery. People have information, news and general details about pieces from our Amber range so there’s a little bit more information on the Internet about the selection that we have.…

New Mini-Web Site – Sparkling Toerings

We have been really active lately. Just one of the campaigns we are putting together is going to feature mini blogs wherein we will put everything like product reviews, info, price reductions and perhaps some contests.

All of the miniature internet websites shall be dedicated to a specific kind of jewellery and as time moves we will most likely have a larger number of these blogs. Presently, the internet site we are doing work on is completely dedicated to toe rings.…

Stylised Silver and Amber Cat Brooch

What a lovely piece we had ordered this morning.

First off, I have to say that yes, I am a cat person and I have a cat myself.  Well, it would be truer to say that he has me as his personal man servant but what can I do?  But this amber cat brooch that was posted out really caught my eye.  Not the normal, ordinary brooch but it is stylised and the amber makes up the eyes and the silver makes it look as if it is arching its back.…