You Can’t Get Enough Jewellery – True?

How can you honestly say that you can get too much jewellery? ¬†It’s just not a possibility! ¬†Joking aside, we have been busy working on a new site that is dedicated to jewellery of all sorts – silver, gold, set with gemstones such as amber and also jewellery for children and men alongside the more usual jewellery for women.

Take a quick look and see what you think – we’re always looking for more topics to write on and if you put in a suggestion we use, there’s the possibility of a prize of either a voucher on one of our sites or a piece of jewellery – get asking!…

Another Of Our Blogs Opened - All Amber Jewellery

Another Of Our Blogs Opened – All Amber Jewellery

I really do love certain materials that jewellery is made out of and one of those materials is Amber. Amber jewellery just has a certain feel about it and it almost radiates warmth as well as looking beautiful set in a nice piece of sterling silver.

With this in mind, we have decided to put together a new blog which is completely dedicated to pieces of Amber jewellery. People have information, news and general details about pieces from our Amber range so there’s a little bit more information on the Internet about the selection that we have.…