About Us

Just in case you would like to know a little bit about us, I thought I would say a little hello.

My name is Martin and I am one of the group of people who brings you this site. We are all interested and dedicated to beautiful silver jewellery and is through that background that has brought us together.

Personally, I am based in Lincolnshire, England although we don’t have one single base, I suppose you could call it because due to the Internet we can all work together virtually over the web.

One of the things that we wanted to do and something we are in the process of doing now is to have a number of websites that are all dedicated to a single topic for example, Shambala jewellery has caught our eye so we have a website that. Everybody loves kids so we have a website on the topics of christening jewellery and another on children’s jewellery. Recently we were thinking about the summer and the nice weather so we had a website for warm weather jewellery such as toe rings and anklets. Amber necklaces and the wide topic of silver jewellery are another couple of websites that we put together and finally, we have a hub website which is a collection of all the articles that we have put together on different websites.

I hope you find the information of use and remember, if you have anything to say them please leave comments or perhaps use the contact us page or even, if you like, say hello on our Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest page.

All the best,


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